Report: China’s Cyber Governance Institutions


LeidenAsiaCentre researcher Dr. Rogier Creemers has published a new report as part of the China’s Role in Cyber Security project.

In the report, titled China’s Cyber Governance Institutions, Dr. Creemers discusses how the Chinese government, in its effort to become a “cyber power”, has created a new institutional governance architecture to cover cybersecurity and informatization. Led, at the top, by Xi Jinping personally, this new administrative system consists of numerous Party and State bodies, associated think tanks and technical entities, sectoral associations and industrial alliances. In pursuit of the same general objective, this system must reconcile the differing, and sometimes conflicting needs of serving the needs of a rapidly expanding digital sphere with maintaining strong central control over a policy area of the utmost strategic importance. The report reviews the structure, scope and background of the entities composing this system, discusses the complex and often conflicting relationships between them, and provides a few recommendations to interested parties outside of China for more effective engagement.

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Published On: January, 2021