LAC Asia Academy

LAC Asia Academy events are aimed at increasing public knowledge on contemporary Asia. During these monthly panel discussions or lectures, world-class experts discuss contemporary affairs in Asia. Our events are open to the general public. Every month LAC Asia Academy offers a unique opportunity to meet academic, business and government experts on East, South, and Southeast Asia.


Why Asia Academy?

LAC Asia Academy events focus on contemporary Asia. What should we make of Asia’s increasing global influence? How will it impact our lives? How do past conflicts in the region live on in present-day politics? What is Asian countries’ approach to climate change?

These questions and more will be explored at the LAC Asia Academy. We invite world-leading experts on contemporary Asia to discuss relevant topics, and to make sense of developments in this vast continent.

LAC Asia Academy is part of LeidenAsiaCentre. Through these monthly events we seek to build bridges between experts at the forefront of academic research and policymakers, journalists, and the general public. LAC’s Asia Academy is a unique opportunity to meet and discuss relevant topics with world-class academics.

Practical information

Our regular events take place in the Wijnhaven building in The Hague. This building is part of Leiden University’s The Hague Campus. It is close to the political heart of the Netherlands, and is easily accessible by train (from the Hague Central Station), or by bus and tram.