Eric Zhang

Eric Zhang is a researcher at the LeidenAsiaCentre, who specialises in policy-oriented questions in the areas of cybersecurity and China-Russia relations. Eric’s research is informed by his understanding in advanced quantitative methods (among others text mining), his language skills in Chinese and Russian, and his academic background in Political Science and International Relations. Eric holds an MSc in International Relations and Diplomacy from Leiden University.

Research Interests

• China’s role in cyber processes at the UN

• Strategic deterrence in cyberspace

• China-Russia relations

• Chinese industrial policies

• Application of Natural Language Processing in policy-relevant and academic research


China’s Role in Cyber Security (2019-2023)

‘The Past in the Present: World War II Memory in Asia and Europe’ (2019-2023)

Shared Histories, Distinct Memories: A comparison of Chinese and Russian official media discourses on World War II (2023)

The Evolution of Chinese Perspectives on Cyber Deterrence and Attribution (2023)

Sino-Russian Global Reordering?: Comparing visions and assessing practical cooperation (2023)

China’s Standardisation System (2022)