Anoma van der Veere

Anoma P. van der Veere is a Researcher of Modern Asia at the LeidenAsiaCentre. He is currently a MEXT Scholar based at Osaka University, Japan, where he is also a Fellow at the IAFOR Research Center at the Osaka School of International Public Policy.

Van der Veere has published on health and labour policy, sports, technology, and human rights in Asia and Europe, and is the editor of the forthcoming volume Public Health in Asia during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Global Health Governance, Migrant Labour, and International Health Crises at Amsterdam University Press (ed. by A.P. van der Veere, F. Schneider, and C.Y. Lo), a joint publication by the Leiden Asia Centre, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, and the IAFOR Research Center. He has appeared as an expert commentator on television, in newspapers, and via online media formats, including the NOSNieuwsuurTrouw and The Japan Times. His research on human rights at LAC also featured on, among others, ViceAl JazeeraABC Four Corners, and at the EU Commission.

His latest publications include: ‘Japan’s Fragmented Response: Technology, Governance, and COVID-19’ (LeidenAsiaCentre, 2020), ‘The Tokyo Paralympic Superhero: Manga and Narratives of Disability in Japan’ (Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 2020), and ‘The Technological Utopia: Mimamori Care and Family Separation in Japan’ (AsiaScape: Digital Asia, 2019). He was the principal investigator in the Road to Tokyo 2020 research project, funded by the Leiden Asia Centre in cooperation with the NOC*NSF under the umbrella of The Game Changer Project, about local policymaking in disability sports in Tokyo in the run-up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Currently, Van der Veere is the principal researcher of the project ‘Technology and the Future of Digital Health in Asia’, which aims to offer a better understanding of the implications of digital health solutions.

Research interests
  • International public policy
  • Japan
  • East Asia
  • Media and politics
  • Human rights
  • Global governance


Public Health in Asia during the COVID-19 Pandemic (2022)

Technology and the Future of Digital Health in Asia (2022)

Understanding the Limitations and Future of Transnational Migrant Labor and Global Health Governance in Asia (2021-)

The Road to Tokyo 2020: Access to Sports for Persons with a Disability in Japan and The Netherlands (2017-2021)

How Asia Confronts COVID-19 through Technology (2020)

Aging Japan (2017-2018)


Twitter: @AnomaV