LAC researcher Ingrid d’Hooghe speaks at University of Oxford China Centre webinar

LeidenAsiaCentre researcher Ingrid d’Hooghe was one of the speakers during a Univeristy of Oxford China Centre webinar “Understanding China in Uncertain Times”. The webinar description reads:

“How should we China scholars respond to the rapidly changing relations between China and the West? What counts as effective knowledge? In the West, public awareness of China is high and rising, perception about China is divided and even polarized, but knowledge about China is limited. How should we understand these changes, and how should we respond? In particular, what can we do in order to make China studies more interactive and communicative – to communicate to the divided public and with stakeholders, including those in China, more effectively?”

You can watch the recording of the session by clicking the video below:


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Published On: November, 2021