Belt and Road Research Platform

The website of the Belt and Road Research Platform was officially launched on June 20,
2019. A joint collaboration between the LeidenAsiaCentre and the Clingendael China Centre, the Belt Road Research Platform is an independent initiative that brings a global focus to BRI, and connects back to previous research from 2019-2021 and 2018.


The Belt and Road Research Platform has two main functions. Firstly, the website makes information about the BRI available to the public. To do so, the website hosts several resources available to all. It includes the Silk Road Headlines newsletter in which people can read about the latest developments around the BRI and consult a wide range of (newspaper) articles. The website also hosts a database of (open access) academic research papers on many different topics related to the BRI, seen from a regional point of view. The third and fourth features of the website aim to visualize the BRI: a Chinese NGO Internationalization database and a new map of the BRI.

Secondly, the Belt and Road Research Platform aims to provide a platform space for (academic) researchers who study the BRI. Although many researchers publish on the BRI, they often work in different disciplines (Regional Studies, International Relations, Geography, Economics & Business, Environmental Studies, etc.) and different parts of the world. The platform brings them together to be able to exchange findings and views.

One of the publications of the platform has been a map to display the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Published On: June, 2019