Upcoming project: China’s role in cyber security

The rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the emergence of China as a primordial global power are two of the most impactful political events of our generation. They are also profoundly intertwined at various levels: China not only sees ICTs as essential to its continued development, it is also enmeshed in rapidly evolving international discussions concerning Internet governance and cyber security.


Yet while a growing number of policy initiatives and processes now involve China, detailed local knowledge concerning its approaches to cyber issues remains limited among stakeholders around the world. Our research projects aims at increased levels of knowledge and awareness among a variety of target groups, including policymakers and researchers engaging with China, as well as civil society organizations. Its primary focus will be how China’s cyber policy affects international law, politics and economics, with particular attention for how European and Dutch interests are influenced.


For 2017, two international workshops with Chinese experts included, are foreseen. In support of this project, a network of social partners and research partners will be created. Social partners will be the primary conduits for dissemination of research outcomes, generating impact and outlining content demand. They will include Dutch and European governmental bodies, important non-governmental organizations, etc. Research partners include academic entities and think tanks. Prominent representatives of academic and social partners will form a project feedback group, to advise on and guide the substantive development of the project. This group will meet twice a year, in conjunction with the project workshop.

More information will become available early 2017. The project leader is Dr Rogier Creemers (Van Vollenhoven Institute and LIAS), researchers will be hired from February 2017 onwards.

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Published On: October, 2016