Strengthening Europe-China Collaboration in Higher Education and Research

Contributing to the strengthening of Europe-China collaboration in the fields of higher education and research is an ongoing effort by the LeidenAsiaCentre. Several research reports have been published on this topic in the period 2017-2020, they are listed below.

How National Governments and Research Institutions Safeguard Knowledge Development in Science and Technology (2022) Ingrid D’Hooghe & Jonas Lammertink  

This study aims to provide a systematic overview and comparative analysis of nine national approaches to knowledge security and the forces that drive them. It is commissioned by the Dutch Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI) and serves as input for a broader AWTI study that provides policy advice to the Dutch government. The main research question the LeidenAsiaCentre study addresses is: How do national governments and research institutions safeguard knowledge development in science and technology in the light of the new or increased risks due to geopolitical and international developments?

Towards Sustainable Europe-China Collaboration in Higher Education and Research (2020) Ingrid d’Hooghe & Jonas Lammertink

This report discusses recent developments in China’s higher education and research sector, the importance of collaboration in this field with China, the challenges that it entails, and the increasing awareness of these challenges among European stakeholders. Based on an analysis of existing guidelines, the report provides recommendations for European policy makers on how to design a sustainable approach to this cooperation.

Update: Hoger onderwijs- en onderzoekssamenwerking tussen Nederland en China (Dutch 2019) Ingrid d’Hooghe & Jonas Lammertink

Op 9 september publiceerde het LeidenAsiaCentre een update van het onderzoek (2018, zie hieronder) naar Europese samenwerking met China op het gebied van hoger onderwijs en onderzoek. Hierin wordt niet alleen ingezoomd op de situatie in Nederland, maar worden er ook recente ontwikkelingen uiteengezet die vragen om een nieuwe kijk op dit onderwerp, specifiek gericht op de samenwerking tussen China en Nederland.

Assessing Europe-China Collaboration in Higher Education and Research (2018)
Ingrid d’Hooghe, Annemarie Montulet, Marijn de Wolff & Frank N. Pieke

European higher education and research institutions accrue many benefits from collaborations with China, but this cooperation comes with risks and challenges too. This report aims to strengthen the basis for cooperation between Europe and China by helping European institutions to define their best interests, identify opportunities and risks, and develop their own strategy.

Dutch higher education and Chinese students in the Netherlands (2017)
Tianmu Hong, Frank N. Pieke, Laurens Steehouder and Ju Lin van Veldhuizen

This project studied the suitability of Dutch education for Chinese students and the question of whether and to what extent it is necessary and desirable to make modifications to the education provided to these students.

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Published On: April, 2020