Rewatch: The BRI and (post-)Covid connectivity competition

On January 11, 2022, the Belt and Road Research Platform organised a Zoom webinar on the future of the Belt and Road Initiative. You can now rewatch the recording.

In the webinar, our speakers discussed the future of the Belt and Road Initiative in relation to two important developments.

Firstly, China’s zero-Covid policy: while many countries slowly reopen, China is committed to its strict border policy. How do closed borders impact Chinese diplomatic and economic interactions with the rest of the world and what does this mean for BRI project around the globe?

Secondly, in June US President Biden announced his BRI-alternative ‘Build Back Better World’, while the European Commission President von der Leyen has announced the ‘EU Global Gateway’ – Europe’s new connectivity plan. How do the US and EU envision competing with the BRI? And what are the consequences for China’s grand initiative?

– Ed Kronenburg (Former Dutch ambassador to China);
– Cheng-Chwee Kuik (Head of the Centre for Asian Studies, National University of Malaysia);
– Yuan Mengqi (Tsinghua University Institute for International and Area Studies)

Moderator: Florian Schneider

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Published On: January, 2022