Rewatch: “Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Euro-Tech”

On June 23rd 2021, the LeidenAsiaCentre organised a public sessions on the occasion of the publication of a new report. Click here to read it. In this session, Rogier Creemers and the author of the report, Gareth Christopher Heywood, looked more deeply at how Chinese public and private investors operate in the European technology sector. By focussing on a “push-pull” dynamic that developed over a decade between a group of ambitious Chinese investors and a collection of “EuroTech” vendors seeking coveted access to China’s domestic markets, they explored the role of Chinese investment in global standard setting, and more broadly, whether China aspires a more prominent seat at the existing global cyber economy table or setting up a new one.

You can now watch the recording of this session on our Youtube channel:

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Published On: August, 2021