Publication: “European Indo-Pacific Strategies in Comparative Perspective”


Considering the heightened Dutch and broader European interest and focus on the Indo-Pacific region, the LeidenAsiaCentre has initiated efforts to systematically map and compare the diverging views of involved actors. This project aims to improve the understanding among the general public and policy makers in the Netherlands and Europe of the position and involvement of different countries, the issues that are at stake, and the agenda that various actors pursue.

The first publication under this new project is by LeidenAsiaCentre researcher Dr. Matt Ferchen. In his paper “European Indo-Pacific Strategies in Comparative Perspective”, Ferchen discusses the origins of the growing interest in the notion of the Indo-Pacific, what a focus on this region means for European and other regions’ or countries’ China policies, and the core objectives of the European Indo-Pacific strategy as well as how this compares to the policies of other countries.

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Published On: August, 2021