LeidenAsiaCentre’s Director Florian Schneider Appears in Associated Press Article

In an article of the Associated Press  on China’s online nationalism, specifically discussing the recent discontent among online Chinese with the NBA, LeidenAsiaCentre’s director Florian Schneider is quoted on the issue. Schneider is an expert when it comes to Chinese online nationalism. His book “China’s Digital Nationalism”, published in 2018, analyses how nationalism in China is being adopted, filtered, transformed, enhanced, and accelerated through digital networks. The book explores what search engines, online encyclopedias, websites, hyperlink networks, and social media can tell us about the way that different actors construct and manage a crucial topic in contemporary Chinese politics: the protracted historical relationship with neighbouring Japan. Schneider’s latest book “Staging China, The Politics of Mass Spectacle” also appeared recently.

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Published On: October, 2019