Managing Corona Narratives in China and the US

The current Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated tensions in an already worsening relationship between China and the US. In the European Union as well, public debates have emerged surrounding China’s role in the spread of this pandemic, as well as its public diplomacy and delivery of medial supplies. In all three regions, this pandemic has led to stronger and more vocal arguments about blame and responsibility, origins and impact of the virus. In all three regions, these narratives serve domestic political interests as much as they address the actual problem at hand. How do we make sense of these narratives as they emerge, and how will they shape a post-COVID world? The LeidenAsiaCentre invited three experts, Dr. Florian Schneider (LeidenAsiaCentre), Julia Voo (Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center), and Dr. Rogier Creemers (Leiden University), to discuss these and other questions.

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Published On: June, 2020