Interesting blogs on “Modern China”

Many social scientists have their own blog. In this article we highlight two of them; Social scientist and China-scholar Florian Schneider and China-specialist Ingrid d’Hooghe.

Politics East Asia

Author: Florian Schneider

About: Florian Schneider is a social scientist and China-scholar who teaches at the Leiden University Institute of Area Studies in the Netherlands. His research mainly focuses on contemporary China, in the field of politics, economics, and media. On the website Politics East Asia you can find research findings of many different kinds of ongoing  projects. For example, Digital Nationalism, International Relations of East Asia or Mass-Events in China. Its blog offers a friendly and collegial space to share interdisciplinary approaches to social science and area studies. His most popular blog post is’ How to Do a Discourse analysis”.

An interview with Florian Schneider about his blog (dutch) can be found here.

China Relations

Author: Ingrid d’Hooghe
Dutch website:

About: Ingrid d’Hooghe, PhD, is an independent China specialist, strategy advisor, lecturer at her own consultancy bureau “China Relations”. In addition she currently works as a China coordinator at Leiden University and as a senior research associate at the Dutch Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’.

D’Hooghe advises governments, academic institutions, and companies, on developing and maintaining relations with China, speaks and publishes on political and economic developments in China, and conducts research. She offers 30 years of China experience and a broad background of working for Dutch government institutions, think tanks, Dutch and Chinese universities and the Council of the European Union.

Her blog focuses on recent political, economic and social developments in China and the Netherlands and it’s definitely worth reading.

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Published On: June, 2016