Preliminary Report: How Asia Confronts COVID-19 through Technology

The LeidenAsiaCentre has published a preliminary report on how regions in Asia confront COVID-19 through technology. This publication contains the executive summaries of a more detailed report on this topic that will appear early May. The preliminary report is partly a response to the Dutch government’s exploration of the possible use of technology, specifically smartphone apps, in order to counter the COVID-19 outbreak in the Netherlands. Dr. Rogier Creemers presented this position paper during a parliamentary hearing discussing COVID-19 apps on the morning of April 22th.

Click on the image to open the preliminary report.

* The work presented here is based on a first round of desk-research, and it omits detailed references in the interest of brevity. More detailed and fully-sourced studies will follow: in early May, the LeidenAsiaCentre will publish the full regional surveys on its website; at a later stage, it will publish an in-depth report that will incorporate detailed policy analyses. All of these outputs are written in English, reflecting the international backgrounds of our contributors.


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Published On: April, 2020