[:en]Rewatch the Video Contributions of the ASIA.LIVE Virtual Workshop[:]

[:en]On Friday the 20th of September, the LeidenAsiaCentre co-organised the ASIA.LIVE virtual workshop. During this workshop, researchers interested in practices of liveness in Asia gathered to discuss locating livestreaming in Asian contexts.

The workshop took place in the form of a YouTube livestream, which screened 12 videos contributed by scholars and artists who participated remotely via live chat. The videos examined livestreaming platforms and practices in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia from a variety of perspectives. Click here to watch the video contributions!

Livestreaming video has become a popular media format, especially among gaming communities, Esports audiences and popular media commentators. However, the uptake of livestreaming in Asia round 2013 has remained an untold story. In the distinct digital ecosystem of the Asia region, this format has been embraced not only by gamers and their audiences, but by a diverse range of communities and performers. This uptake and diversification is accompanied by the rise of Asian livestreaming platforms.

The local ecologies of Western and Asian platforms in Asian national contexts are home to intricate networks of regional livestreaming cultures, and these cultures interact in complicated ways with geopolitical flows and borders. Livestreaming in Asia has become a veritable ‘live’ laboratory of screen cultures in which new genres, performativities, personalities, audiences, and commenting practices emerge.

Schedule of the screenings

Panel #1: Performativity and Gender (1pm-2pm CEST)

  1. Jianqing Chen, Helen Jiang, & Zeppra Zhang: How to bullet title an academic conference
  2. Lin Song: Microcelebrity goes to gay porn: the queer child of Chinese livestreaming
  3. Lina Qu: Livestreamed appetite: Female eating broadcast in the age of Chinese affluence

Panel #2: The Everydayness of Livestreaming (2pm-3pm CEST)

  1. Dino Ge Zhang: Ordinary affects of Zhibo
  2. Xiaoxian Wang: Lifestreaming or livestreaming?
  3. Gabriele de Seta: The liveness of the everyday: Livestreaming Taiwan across platforms

Panel #3: Politics and Activism (3pm-4pm CEST)

  1. Tito Ambyo: “Dislikers are dogs, Make Indonesia Great Again”: Liveness as disruption in Indonesian livestreaming practices
  2. Alex Yiu:Livestreaming protests: A participatory form of politics
  3. Zizheng Yu: From consumer activist to consumer citizen: the consumer video activism in China

Panel #4: Commerciality and Governmentality (4pm-5pm CEST)

  1. Yowei Kang & Kenneth C.C. Yang: Using live streaming and its celebrities in political communication: The case of Taiwan
  2. Jingyi Gu: Regulating the Chinese livestreaming mania: A mediation between the national and the market
  3. Ju Oak Kim: BTS and V LIVE: The mediatized presentation of self-Comment

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Published On: September, 2019