Amsterdam University Press and LeidenAsiaCentre Open Access agreement

An agreement between Amsterdam University Press and the LeidenAsiaCentre will bring two new publications to AUP’s Asian Studies programme each year. With support from the LeidenAsiaCentre, the Netherlands’ expertise centre for socially relevant and applicable research on modern East Asia, these titles will immediately be made available under AUP’s Gold Open Access scheme.

The first volume to be published under this subsidy will be Consuming Life in Post-Bubble Japan. A Transdisciplinary Perspective, edited by Katarzyna J. Cwiertka and Ewa Machotka (January 2018). This multidisciplinary book analyses the contradictory coexistence of consumerism and environmentalism in contemporary Japan.

AUP has a well-established list in Asian Studies, renowned for its solid source-based publications in the history, religion, politics, migration, and culture of the peoples and states of Asia.

Saskia Gieling, senior commissioning editor for Asian Studies, has commented that “This generous support from the LeidenAsiaCentre helps our authors to have an increase in the visibility and usage of their work. Indeed, it enables more researchers to read these publications, including those who would otherwise not be able to access that information.”

Scholars who would like to apply for this initiative can do so by sending a book proposal to Amsterdam University Press. Decisions on publications will be made jointly by the LeidenAsiaCentre and the AUP board.

The press release can be found here.

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Published On: November, 2017