The LeidenAsiaCentre generates academic knowledge on modern Asia for societal applications in the Netherlands through various projects.

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In cooperation with societal partners we organise many different activities and events on current affairs regarding Asia and the Netherlands, as well as conferences and meetings on our projects.

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Our research projects often lead to publications in both academic journals and the media. In addition, we publish our own books under the LeidenAsiaCentre Press.

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Seminar The New Silk Road: Education and research cooperation between China and the EU 28 March 2018

On the 19th of March, UGloble (Utrecht University) and the LeidenAsiaCentre organised the seminar “The New Silk Road: Education and research cooperation between China and the EU” in De Driehoek in Utrecht. The seminar was attended by over 80 professionals on this topic.

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Report Presentation: Partners Under Pressure? The future of civil society in Dutch human rights policy 12 March 2018

On March 12th, the ‘Partners under Pressure’ research team, consisting of Jonas Lammertink, Emilie de Haes and Marit de Roij, presented their report ‘Partners under Pressure? The future of civil society in Dutch human rights policy.

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Slaves to the System: Dutch companies involved in North Korean forced labour 12 February 2018

On Tuesday February 6th, the LeidenAsiaCentre project team ‘Slaves to the System’ presented their new report “People for Profit: North Korean Forced Labour on a Global Scale”. Over 60 people attended the conference in the Academy Building in Leiden.

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Amsterdam University Press and LeidenAsiaCentre Open Access agreement 30 November 2017

An agreement between Amsterdam University Press and the LeidenAsiaCentre will bring two new publications to AUP’s Asian Studies programme each year. With support from the LeidenAsiaCentre, the Netherlands’ expertise centre for socially relevant and applicable research on modern East Asia, these titles will immediately be made available under AUP’s Gold Open Access scheme.

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Paralympic Games, Tokyo 2020 25 October 2017

Starting off as an archery demonstration in Aylesbury, England in 1948, the Paralympic Games have grown into an event with global proportions. With the inclusion of more athletes and more participating countries, the Paralympic Games have become the second biggest sporting event in the world, being second only to the Olympic Games. In 2020 the Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

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Report ACAF: China’s 19th Party Congress 23 October 2017

On the 18th of October 2017 the five-yearly Party Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) started. Two days before, on the 16th of October, the LeidenAsiaCentre held its second Asia Current Affairs Forum (ACAF) to shed light on the context of the Party Congress. The ACAF is an initiative designed to periodically assembly experts on the Asian region to debate upcoming or current issues of relevance to a broad audience in line with the goals of the Leiden Asia Centre.

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Summer School Asian Food 19 October 2017

Leiden University enjoys a world-wide reputation for its expertise on Asia and for its Asian collections. To coincide with the official opening of The Asian Library in September 2017, the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), LeidenAsiaCentre (LAC) and the Shared Taste Project at Leiden University hosted a Summer School devoted to the academic study of Asian Food for MA/PhD students and early career scholars.

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(Nederlands) Kick-off bijeenkomst: The Road to Tokyo 2020 – Game Changer Project

27 August 2018 |  14:00 - 17:00

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