Dr Ethan Mark is a lecturer of modern Japanese history at Leiden University.


At LeidenAsiaCentre, Dr. Mark is working on an academic conference and accompanying book proposal focusing on the subject ‘Asia and the Global Second War’


Dr. E. (Ethan) Mark is a lecturer at Leiden University on the History of Modern Japan. He specializes in Japanese imperialism and the social and cultural history of the 1920s through the 1940s, with a specific interest in the historical ties between Japan and Indonesia. Within this framework, Dr. Mark’s dissertation explored the wartime Japanese occupation of Indonesia, with a focus on Java. Other publications include ‘The Perils of Co-Prosperity: Takeda Rintaro, Occupied Southeast Asia, and the Seductions of Postcolonial Empire’ (American Historical Review, 2014) and ‘ “Asia’s” Trans-war Lineage: Nationalism, Marxism and “Greater Asia” in an Indonesian Inflection’ (Journal of Asian Studies, 2006).9