Erik Herber


Dr Erik Herber is a lecturer in the area of Law at Leiden University, both in the Faculty of Law and at the Leiden University Institute of Area Studies (LIAS).


At the LeidenAsiaCentre, Dr Herber is continuing his on-going research on the topic of crime prevention volunteering, within the framework of his project “Crime Prevention as a Pastime: Japanese Citizens’ Contribution to Low Crime Rates”.

Dr E.D. (Erik) Herber is lecturer at the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Development, as well as the Leiden University Institute of Area Studies, School of

Asian Studies (Leiden University). His research interests include

Crime prevention patrolling in Tokyo, Japan

(criminal) justice in Japan, with a focus on sentencing practices, lay and victim participation; crime prevention policies and practices, as well as trends in policies and responses to crime in a comparative – and ultimately global – perspective.

In past few years dr. Herber has published different articles on what has been called ‘Japan’s Triple Disaster’. One of these addresses crime prevention volunteering and its social capital building potential, in the aftermath of Japan’s triple disaster.

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