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As we move into the last months of the Leiden Asia Year, it is about time we also listen to some of our very own Asian students, asking them how they have experienced the year so far, and what it feels like to be “Asian” in Leiden:
What is it like working with collections from your home country whilst being abroad? How do you deal with sometimes whole different approaches to your own various cultural legacies or ways of studying their world? And how easy is it to have your own research interests speak back to somehow similar issues that your guest society is facing?
During this panel we will listen to some of the experiences of our Master and PhD students coming from different Asian societies to pursue their scholarly career in Leiden.

Panel 1 – Asian Perspectives on European Issues, learning from our students
Moderator: Prof. dr. Nira Wickramasinghe

In which ways clientelism is a common feature of Europe, Asia and Trump USA? How may child marriage law help us reflect on our own perceptions of teenage sex? How to study Europe from an Asian perspective that moves beyond a mere Orientalism-Occidentalism dichotomy? And, what does a study of the great Chinese Firewall has to tell us about the upcoming Dutch referendum on the “Sleepwet”? In this panel, Leiden PhD students will share with us how their research on Asian topics may help us confront some of the very Dutch or European problems that we are currently facing. Insights from Asia!

Panel 2 – How to Survive Leiden, studying in an Asia-minded student town
Moderators: Adriaan Bedner & Dr. Bart Barendregt

What initially attracted these master students to Leiden, how did they prepare for their study abroad and their involvement in Dutch society? What is it like, to study Asia in Leiden, is there a Leiden perspective(s) and to which extend it conflicts or resonates with one’s own view of studying the world? How these students feel studying in Asia can be improved, and do they have ideas on how to better facilitate early career scholars from Asia visiting Leiden? What, so far, their Leiden Asia Year experience has been?

The panel will be followed by drinks and snacks at the “brasserie” of the Faculty Club.

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