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Since a few years, due to the changing outlook of US foreign policy and the rise of China as a global power, efforts to build new security alliances in the region are, albeit it hesitantly, in the making. Under theses changing circumstances, how do the countries concerned (Japan, Korea and China redefine their regional cooperation capacity. And how do regional superpowers like Japan and China respond to these developments and what impact does this have on their relation vis á vis the US and Europa?

By looking into the role of the three leading regional powers, Japan, Korea and China we hope to shed light on the shifting balance of power in East Asia.

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Prof. Dr. Junya Nishino (Keio University, Japan) – Cooperation of the Republic of Korea and Japan in regional cooperation

Prof. Dr. Tomoki Kamo (Keio University, Japan) – domestic narrative of China’s rising role in global security politics

Dr. Maaike Okano-Heijmans (Clingendael)


Michel Kerres (NRC Daily)

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