Europe and Asia

Asia is becoming more directly and visibly present in Europe; and conversely Europe is becoming more prominently present in Asia.

This applies particularly for East Asia. Japanese, South Korean and Taiwanese companies have been established in Europe for decades. Over the past ten years these have been joined at a rapid rate by companies from China. The same applies to tourists, students and (knowledge) immigrants, for whom Europe is becoming increasingly important as a destination. Conversely, European investments, students, tourists, expats and migrants are becoming more prominently present in East Asia. What are the consequences of this growing exchange of people between two of the world’s most densely populated areas? What are the resulting possibilities and challenges for individuals, organisations, companies and governments in European countries? Our research in this field focuses in the first instance on connections between China and the Netherlands and will at a later stage be broadened to include East Asia and Europe.

Ongoing projects

The following projects have been carried out under this theme:

This project comprises three sub-projects:

1. Chinese journalists and news-gathering in Europe
2. The image of the Netherlands in the Chinese media and social media
3. The image of the Netherlands and Europe among news editors in China

Ongoing projects

The following projects are currently being implemented under this theme: