Launch of the Belt and Road Research Platform

The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), introduced in 2013 and formerly known as New Silk Road or One Belt, One Road has almost reached mythical proportions. It is well on the way of becoming the next container notion and publications on the topic are increasingly difficult to keep count of. Just in time, a joint initiative of the LeidenAsiaCentre, Clingendael China Centre and the Leiden University Institute of Area Studies, which launched on June 20 at Nieuwspoort, offers a neat solution: the Belt and Road Research Platform.

This initiative centres around the website, where everyone interested can gain easy access to independent information, news, and expert analysis related to the BRI from global perspectives. At the same time, this is the ideal place for international researchers to publish their work on BRI-related topics, to connect with one another, and to gather the attention of a large audience. So if you do not want to miss out on any developments surrounding the BRI or are interested in becoming involved with our network of researchers, go to the website: