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LeidenAsiaCentre’s Director Florian Schneider Appears in Associated Press Article

In an article of the Associated Press  on China’s online nationalism, specifically discussing the recent discontent among online Chinese with the NBA, LeidenAsiaCentre’s director Florian Schneider is quoted on the issue. Schneider is an expert when it comes to Chinese online nationalism. His book “China’s Digital Nationalism”, published in 2018, analyses how nationalism in China is being adopted, filtered, transformed, enhanced, and accelerated through digital networks. The book explores what search engines, online encyclopedias, websites, hyperlink networks, and social media can tell us about the way that different actors construct and manage a crucial topic in contemporary Chinese politics: the protracted historical relationship with neighbouring Japan. Schneider’s latest book “Staging China, The Politics of Mass Spectacle” also appeared recently.

South China Morning Post Interviews LeidenAsiaCentre Researchers

On September 14th, the South China Morning Post published an article on academic partnerships between China and Western countries. Journalist Simone McCarthy raised the question whether European knowledge institutions should share the current fears that exist in the US and Australia towards cooperation with Chinese counterparts. In 2018, the LeidenAsiaCentre published a research report addressing similar questions. The South China Morning Post therefore approached Ingrid d’Hooghe and former Director Frank Pieke, both authors of the report, for comments on this issue. Read the article here.

Research report LeidenAsiaCentre appears on Nieuwsuur

Ingrid d’Hooghe was asked by Dutch news program Nieuwsuur to discuss the risks of bringing in Chinese PhD students by Dutch universities, based on the LeidenAsiaCentre’s report on Europe-China collaboration in higher education and research. Click here to watch the broadcast, the discussion starts around 34:15 (in Dutch).

‘Xi’s China is heading for National Socialism’

Credit: AP

An interview with Frank Pieke in de Volkskrant on July 2 2016 (Dutch).

Polish firms employing North Korean ‘slave labourers’ benefit from EU aid

A file image of a North Korean welder at work in Poland’s Gdansk shipyard CREDIT: AFP

A file image of a North Korean welder at work in Poland’s Gdansk shipyard CREDIT: AFP‍

Article in The Telegraph on the Slaves to the System project (May 31 2016).

Interview with Remco Breuker

Still from the VICE documentary ‘Cash for Kim’‍

On May 23, VICE Germany spoke to Dr. Remco Breuker on the Slaves to the System project. Read the interview, titled North Korea Makes Billions from Forced Laborers Working in the EU here.

Interviews from the “Tourism from China” conference

Dr. Robert Li

During the “Tourism from China” conference two speakers, Robert Li and Eddie Yang, were interviewed by the CRTV (9 June 2016).

Slaves to the System project featured in documentary

The Slaves to the System project, led by Remco Breuker, features in Cash for Kim, a Vice expose on North Korean forced labour in Poland (23 May, 2016).

North Korea farming out forced labor to the European Union

Photo © Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji
Remco Breuker discusses his project on the forced labor of North Korean workers in an

Remco Breuker discusses his project on the forced labor of North Korean workers in an article in Reuters on April 26 2016.

“The Road from Hainan” discussed in Radio Interview

Drs. Anne Sytske Keijser was interviewed by Science071 on 16 March 2016 (Dutch). She talks about upcoming screening of documentary “The Road from Hainan” which will take place March 22 in Leiden, the Netherlands.

China Café with the new LeidenAsiaCentre

‍Photo © Rolf Eijgenraam‍‍

The first China Café in Leiden took place on 3 March in the Scheltema Café.

“Leiden is the perfect location for this centre,” says manager Lily Sprangers in an interview with Sleutelstad FM, “there is a large network here, for example the Siebold House, Museum of Ethnology and Leiden University.” (Dutch)

‘Leiden has a lot to offer the Chinese’

Entrepreneurs from the Leiden region gathered on March 3 at the China Cafe in order to find out how they can attract more Chinese tourists to the city. Read the article, which includes an interview with Lily Sprangers, in the Leidsch Dagblad (Dutch).

China’s relevance to Netherlands underestimated

Frank Pieke

China’s multifaceted and diverse relevance to the Dutch society, despite increasingly spreading in a large number of fields, is still underestimated, said Frank Pieke in an interview with Xinhua newspaper (29 September 2015).

LeidenAsiaCentre launched at Leiden University

Frank Pieke (foto (c)Xinhua/Liu Fang)

“The work we do should be both academically interesting as well as relevant to organizations or individuals in the Netherlands,” said Prof. Dr. Frank Pieke, in an interview with Xinhua newspaper (25 February 2016).

Drive a wedge between the system and the people of North Korea

Read the article by Remco Breuker in the Reformatorisch Dagblad on 13 February 2016 (in Dutch).

‘North Korea is not a state. It’s a company’

Remco Breuker

How to deal with the Pyongyang regime? Is North Korea irrational? Prof. Remco Breuker proposes a new approach. In Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad Breuker says the way to deal with North Korea is to approach it a neoliberal conglomerate which has succeeded to privatise the state.

Pyongyang will welcome you, Guus Hiddink


Read the full article in the NRC newspaper of 12 November 2015 (Dutch).