Upcoming Project: Slaves to the System; The Global Dimension

In 2017 the LeidenAsiaCentre will start with a new project. This is the follow-up project to the Slaves to the System project: Research DPRK Forced Labour in the EU. The international reactions to the research report have been very positive and encourage further research. The upcoming project, Slaves to the Sytem; The Global Dimension, builds on the research results from the first project, as well as on the goodwill created through extensive media exposure.

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Report of the Conference: “China, the Netherlands and Europe”, 9th of February






How do the Chinese view the Netherlands, and what do they experience here? These and other matters were discussed February 9th at the conference: “China, the Netherlands and Europe” which took place in Leiden. The conference, organized by the LeidenAsiaCentre, also marked the opening of the Leiden Asia Year; the year in which the municipality, the museums and University of Leiden dedicate the majority of their programs to Asia.

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Upcoming project: China’s role in cyber security

The rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the emergence of China as a primordial global power are two of the most impactful political events of our generation. They are also profoundly intertwined at various levels: China not only sees ICTs as essential to its continued development, it is also enmeshed in rapidly evolving international discussions concerning Internet governance and cyber security.

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Upcoming project: Aging Japan

September 15 is Japan’s ‘Respect for the Aged’ day in honor of its elderly citizens. This year Japan will celebrate this day on September 19. Not such a bad idea as Japan is the world’s leading aging society. And since this phenomenon is seen as a forbear of a global trend, LeidenAsiaCentre aims at launching a study on aging in Japan. Together with a number of partners from society we are currently identifying our research focus, hoping to be able to start with the project early 2017.

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