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Chinese Internet Research Conference

22 mei 2018 |  08:00 - 23 mei 2018 |  17:00

The field of China internet research has fruitfully tracked communication patterns across different media types in the Chinese speaking world, generating a lively discussion about the role that different discourses and media types play in Chinese society. The themes of this year’s conference will augment these efforts by asking how media and communication are bolted to the world. The internet has rapidly become much more than a venue for the exchange of information. It is closely intertwined with social interactions, economic exchanges, and the practice of governance. At the same time, concerns surrounding the internet are no longer merely confined to free expression and access to information, they have come to include the impact of the internet on the integrity of political systems, personal data protection, terrorist use of ICTs, and cybercrime. While the notion of connection remains at the heart of what the internet is, there is now much greater complexity in the nature of connectivity that ICTs permit, and therefore the social, economic, and political questions they generate. Consequently, CIRC 16 will ask how different actors deploy novel ICT to transform the modes through which people connect. The conference will drill into this broad topic by focusing on three sub-themes:
1) Modes of Community
2) Modes of Production
3) Modes of Organization

The programme will follow at a later date! In order to attend, please register on the event page through the link below!


22 mei 2018 |  08:00
23 mei 2018 |  17:00


Leiden University, Faculty of Law
Steenschuur 25
Leiden, 2311 ES Nederland