Research Mission and Themes

In what ways is Asia important for the Netherlands, and what does the Netherlands mean for Asia?

Our research will contribute to strengthening and improving the relations and understanding between people, organisations and governments in Asia and the Netherlands. As the expertise centre for modern Asia in the Netherlands, the LeidenAsiaCentre focuses primarily on East Asia: China (including Taiwan), Japan, Korea and Singapore. At a later stage we will expand our activities, first to South-East Asia and in particular Indonesia, and in the longer term to other Asiatic regions.

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Structured research

In selecting and further developing our research we focus on those aspects that are specifically relevant for the Netherlands and ultimately for Europe. The emphasis is on the nature and consequences of globalisation that are leading to ever greater interconnectivity between Asia and Europe. This encompasses the broadest range of relations between the Netherlands and Asia, including the economy, politics and diplomacy, as well as society and culture. We have structured our research and other activities under three broad themes. A theme determines the direction and goals for prolonged deployment of our resources and is given concrete form by means of a number of specific projects. Each project is relatively short-term (between one and one-and-a-half years), seeks insights on concrete questions and is developed and implemented in discussion with specific partners in society.

Our three core themes are: “Europe and Asia“, People, rights and human rights” and “Culture and lifestyle“.